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Musui and Maiya are part alter egos of the sculptor, and part fictional characters through whom Radhakrishnan has been exploring the world and sharing his perceptions with us with the assumed detachment of a third person narrative. Musui is modeled after a santhal youth he had known long years ago as a student in Santiniketan, but in Radhakrishnan's recent sculptures, he appears not as a particular person but as metaphor of mind's lightness, of its ability to assume a multiplicity of persona or identities. Maiya is his female counterpart, and one of the many 'others; he morphs into. Musui and Maiya are look-alikes divided by gender, and by mirroring each other and by metamorphosing into an endless series of 'others', like children playing roles, they mock our sense of immutable identity and make us recognize the sameness encrypted into differences.
Prof. R. Siva Kumar
Dept. of art history,
Viswabharati University,
Copyright © 2008-2013 K.S. Radhakrishnan
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